Moreno Coronica

Moreno Coronica can trace his ancestors back 600 years – but, after all, they founded the village of Koreniki where his family still live, three generations in the same 200-year old house where they have always produced wine and olive oil. Starting work in the vineyards at 6 years old he began winemaking as a profession in 1992, visiting Italy and France to gain as much knowledge as possible.

Rich in iron, the red soil of Istria dominates his coastal 20 hectares, with 130,000 vines, some over 40 years old.

Moreno believes that his Malvasija and Teran wines represent Istria, both the land and the people. He also has a deep respect for nature – using only organic fertilisers, no synthetic products, and he believes his location 2 kilometres from the Adriatic provides the vines with constant ventilation, making conditions ideal – little need to treat the vines against diseases and a perfect Mediterranean microclimate.

Despite his organic methods, Coronica has no intention to label his wines as such. As he says, “I believe in honest agriculture, I don’t need to use a label that many people only use for marketing purposes. I don’t tend to market, I just do.”

His plans for the future? Only one – “Keep my standards consistent. Try not to disappoint the consumer.”