Marko Gerzinic

Marko and Marino's great grandfather, born in 1889, was the first of the family to grow vines on land at Ohnići (population now 36) near Vižinada. He lived until he was 100, thanks to the tranquillity of Istrian village life, sunshine, good food and [naturally] great wine. The oldest vineyard the family now own was originally their great grandfather's, and Mr Geržinić Senior still remembers working with his father and grandfather in that vineyard. Today, Marko is the first one in the family with specialist wine qualifications, having trained to be an oenologist in order to progress their winemaking both technically and commercially.

Whilst Marko works continuously on the land Marino has followed a path in IT as well as helping in the vineyards and winery between university terms and internships so between the two of them they have winemaking and IT systems for the winery all sewn up! Marino has also continued the family's long hunting tradition and is an extremely good shot! A visit to the Geržinić winery will see you enjoying superb prosciutto and salami, as well as some of their sumptuous olive oil.

Their first bottled wines appeared in 1999 and the re-design with smart long-sized bottles and a quirky cockerel on the label started in 2005 taking their production firmly into the 21st century. They love working with local Istrian grape varieties in particular: Malvazija, Muškat žuti and Teran. Astoundingly food-friendly, Geržinić wines are already selling in Michelin star restaurants in the UK, and appeal greatly to the gastronome. They believe this is because they let nature do most of the work in the vineyard because what is most characteristic of their wines and what sets them apart from all other Istrian producers that we know of is the lack of oak treatment in any of their wines. As the new generation of winemakers, they made a conscious decision not to experiment with their production, but just to allow the fruit to ferment in stainless steel and reflect its purity and youth. The brothers see their wines as a reflection of themselves - young, dynamic, fresh and exciting; but they will never forget the traditions of their forefathers and everything they have learned from previous generations.