Marino Rossi

Generations of the Rossi family have been cultivating vines at Vižinada since 1885.

The current winemaker, Marino Rossi, is the fourth generation to produce wine and grappa in the small village of Bajkini; his great grandfather inherited the family house and land in 1885. Bajkini is situated on a hill overlooking the River Mirna that meanders out towards the sea 20 kilometres away, combining country and coastline in a gentle sweeping vista. The microclimate produced by the Mirna on one side and the Učka Mountain on the other gives the vines the best start in life. Wines cultivated on 12 hectares are harvested manually and then processed using modern techniques in the small cellar, all under one roof.

Film buffs may also be keen to know that the town of Vižinada had a cameo role in the 1970’s film 'Kelly's Heroes’!

The Rossi’s gold medal winning Malvasija Templara is produced in an area that legend has it belonged to the Knights’ Templars, who are said to have created a divinely scented wine that the Byzantine rulers enjoyed. The Rossi family have continued this tradition producing their Templara from aged Malvasija vines over 30 years old; it has just won its fifth gold medal in a row.

As well as Malvasija, Refošk and Teran, Marino Rossi produces six renowned Istrian grappas, each one with certain medicinal qualities – Biska created from mistletoe leaves; Medenica (35% clover honey); Travarica (enriched with 14 different herbs at 46% vol); Lozovača (from Muškat grapes); Ruta (from Rue leaves) and Komovica (from grape pomace). The grappas are consistent medal winners too, the Ruta earning the gold at Istria’s Vinistra fair in May 2010.