Uncertain times

How could we have ever thought that our brief late winter trip to Croatia would be the last for a very long time due to a virus that has reached every corner of the earth? When we think back to … Continue reading

Don’t Look Now! It’s Venice…

A few weeks ago, someone asked me why I was flying into Venice when I was off to Croatia, specifically Istria.   I guess if you don’t know your geography or history of that region, you won’t know that Istria was … Continue reading

World Cup Fascinating Facts Fever 2018!

Ahead of tonight’s World Cup semi-final between England and Croatia, we’ve been fielding phone calls and emails from people asking for quotes and wanting to know more about Croatia (and its wine as well as its football! – so in … Continue reading

A Wine Road Less Travelled Around North West Istria

Tourists to Croatia for the first time often ask us if they can just turn up at a winery without an appointment, or if we can recommend certain wineries in certain towns or regions. We can recommend anything depending on … Continue reading


Since the early 2000s when we first started researching the newer wave of Croatian wine and its producers, particularly in Istria at the beginning, we’ve seen a positive change and a massive shift in the industry and the process – … Continue reading

Our Top 10 ‘go to’ events in Istria for 2017

In its succinct précis of what’s on offer for the traveller to Croatia, the British Airways website states: “Go further north to Istria, a hilly peninsular bordering Italy.“  It’s a fairly straightforward one-liner but Istria is so much more than … Continue reading

Heathrow to Pula: Our Tips for your 2017 Trip!

As British Airways website announces its new routes, we’re delighted that Pula airport is one of them, making the north west region of Croatia – Istria – accessible directly via Heathrow at last. With the news of these flights starting … Continue reading

Convenience Shopping at M&S, the Convenience Store…

In Marks and Spencer today I was accosted (in a nice and very polite way, I hasten to add!) by several people all gasping at the bargains in my shopping basket as I queued to pay. I had run in … Continue reading


On Saturday 20 September 2014, we were the second to last of the permanent businesses to move into the newly refurbished Brighton Open Market. We had gone to watch and be part of the official 17 July Opening Party where … Continue reading

Starosel: Old Village New Times

We didn’t know what to expect on our very first trip to Bulgaria, and we hadn’t been able to research as much as we tend to do before we go to pastures new, so we were excited at the prospect … Continue reading